Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Photography Wednesday: A Festivus Miracle

In honor of the holiday season, I'm going to share some holiday pictures with you. A true Festivus Miracle!

Faerie Light by Mark Becwar on

Christmas Lights by Mark Becwar on

The first two are an example of bokeh (boh-kay), which is really just a fancy way of saying out of focus. The round shape is actually a projection of the lens aperture onto the detector. Sometime in the future we'll talk about the technical details.
Winter River by Mark Becwar on

Finally for today's last Festivus miracle, some freshly fallen snow along the Naugatuck river. To tease some more upcoming content, I'll be talking soon about the problems associated with winter photography, especially in the snow.

Also, if I could ask all of you a favor: A good friend and mensch, the lovable and profane Boozy Barrister was in a car accident yesterday. If you are on the twitter, send some good thoughts to him @BoozyBarrister as he convalesces.

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