Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Photography Wednesday: Signs

Sign by Mark Becwar on

Road signs can make an interesting topic for photography. It's something that people see every day, but rarely pay that much attention to. The patterns on them are bold. There's also smaller detail textures that come as the sign ages, like rust streaks from the bolts that hold it to it's post, and cracks in the paint. Shot in black and white the contrast and patterns help to add visual interest.

Signs can also be challenging. They are usually retro-reflective which means that it's easy for them to be much brighter than their surroundings. Additionally, being placed on the side of the road means that you can't always safely get the angle that you want.

Old Guy Note: If you do decide to compose a shot using a road sign, be safe. If you can, have someone with you who's able to keep an eye out for traffic so that you aren't hit by a car. There's no photo worth dying for.

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